Process & Quality

Our Growers

For decades, the company has worked in partnership with growers located in the main fruit productive areas, the north, central and south valleys; Copiapo, Aconcagua Valley, Pirque in Maipo Valley, and Colchagua Valley. We are now moving further south where new crops of walnuts are being produced.

We assist farmers that grow the most important varieties of each fruit.

  • Walnuts: Serr and Chandler
  • Prunes: European type
  • Raisins: Thompson, Flame, Superior, Red Globe, Crimson, Black

Growers have over a decade of experience and state-of-the-art technology that let them work their lands sustainably in order to produce the most excellent tasty and healthy fruit. Growers also have their own harvest machinery and new drying systems that enable us to offer consistent quality products. The production is conducted under a traceable system and safe food production standards. The finished product is then delivered to our customers, all over the world.

Packing and Food Safety

We have a long-term partnership with our growers fully supported by our processors.

Growers are the ones who contribute to that productive structure, thanks to their specialization in processing with the highest food safety standards.


Providing the
highest quality
dry fruit


The production is conducted under a traceable system and food safety production standard.

As the last link in the origin country, before dispatching the goods, we constantly inspect the fruit along the harvesting, drying, and manufacturing/packing processes, monitoring every step in order to take preventive actions.